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replaceState error on ng build

If you are getting the following error when building your app you need to make sure that the BASE_URL constant is set correctly.

SecurityError: Failed to execute 'replaceState' on 'History': A history state object with URL cannot be created in a document with origin 'null' and URL

Go to src/environments/environment.prod.ts or to src/environments/environment.ts, depending if you are building for dev or for prod environments and set the BASE_URL const to the url where you are deploying your app.

For example, for development you will build your app in 4200 so BASE_URL should be set to: BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:4200'. For production environment, you can set it to your final url like: BASE_URL: 'https://your-website.com'.

BASE_URL was removed in version 2.0.0 of the template

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