What's inside this Angular template?


This template was built using Angular and includes examples of many of the features the Angular framework provides.

Angular CLI

The Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful tool to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain Angular applications.

It’s really nice to see how this tool has evolved in the recent months. It’s by far the most advanced command line tool and it will help you and ease drastically the development workflow.

The Angular CLI makes developing Angular projects a breeze.

Angular Universal

Angular Universal handles the Server Side Rendering (SSR) of your app.

This is super important as it improves the perceived performance of your application and also provides a reliable, flexible and efficient way to ensure that all search engines can access your content.

This template includes a super easy way to set your meta tags dynamically so you can build an Angular SEO friendly application.

A project without server side rendering is useless. Without Universal you will suffer major SEO issues.

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is the perfect front-end component library to using along side with Angular.

Why not Angular Material?

Angular Material is awesome, and it has much of the features and components that Bootstrap has, but in my opinion I think the Bootstrap responsive grid system is more easy to use and developer friendly than the Angular Material alternative. This is not a minor issue as building layouts and prototyping is one of the main tasks of front end development.

If you want a template with Angular Material please check Angular Admin Template.

Is this a key selling point to you? Please let us know your thoughts as we may consider including Angular Material in the future.

Ngx Bootstrap

This library provides every Bootstrap component implemented the Angular way. Learn more in

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